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The Time and Attendance function streamlines and automates payrolls, eliminating the potential of human error. With our biometric system, access to any number of defined places on your business premises may be strictly regulated and restricted using facial and fingerprint identification to deny access or release the turnstiles to allow admittance. Work rules and patterns that are extensively flexible can accommodate even the most complex working conditions. Through our automatic reporting, line managers can also receive daily information on their employees’ attendance, allowing for swift adjustments and responses in the event of unanticipated staff absences.

Biometric Access Control

Using our biometric machines for sale in conjunction with turnstiles and magnetic door locks, access to bathrooms, change rooms, or any other defined location within stores or factories may be strictly managed and restricted. Using reliable and secure facial and fingerprint identification, unauthorised personnel are denied entry.

Biometric identification is becoming increasingly vital to our daily safety.

Work regulations, such as automatic deduction of lunch and tea breaks, elimination of duplicated scans, and automated rounding of start and end times, can be modified to meet the demands of any firm. The intelligent architecture of our system will automatically recognise and allocate shifts based on employees’ start and end times.

Biometric identification is gaining importance in our daily security. Even in the case of identical twins, physical characteristics are typically consistent and distinct. Using a person’s unique biometric identity, password systems for computers, phones, and restricted access rooms and buildings can be replaced or enhanced.

After biometric information has been collected and mapped, it is stored so that it can be matched with future access attempts. Typically, this data is encrypted and stored on the device or a distant server.

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System for Tracking Time and Attendance

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