Best biometric systems available in South Africa

Pen and paper sheets were formerly the only way to manage employee attendance. Those days are long gone. Biometric attendance systems are quickly becoming the weapon of choice for companies looking to decrease time theft and missed productivity expenses. While biometrics isn’t perfect, the benefits of biometric attendance systems far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

High Precision biometric systems

The ability to reliably track your employees’ attendance, regardless of what else a biometric attendance system might offer, may be worth the price of admission alone. It is quite difficult for someone to falsify their attendance because there are so many different biometric markers to choose from.

Furthermore, biometric attendance solutions enable your firm to keep track of any number of people at the same time without any errors or hiccups. In fact, the biometric attendance system can recognize employees in a group based on numerous biomarkers or even if they are wearing a mask.

Time theft is no longer an issue when using biometrics

This is a significant advantage of a biometric attendance system, and the impact of time theft should not be underestimated. Even if your employees aim to be upright and honorable, people are fallible, and there may be instances of unintentional time theft.

Of course, not everyone is as honest as the rest of us, so being able to spot and prevent deliberate timesheet fraud is maybe more critical. Stopping deliberate time theft will not only save you money, but it will also assist create a business culture by demonstrating that poor action has repercussions that will deter the next individual from doing the same.

Biometrics prevents buddy punching

This advantage is related to the prevention of time theft, but considering the alarming statistics surrounding its frequency, it warrants its own specific mention. On a larger scale, “buddy punching” alone costs corporations millions of dollars.

Aside from the financial implications, buddy punching is a common occurrence, with up to 16% of employees admitting to it, and that is just the folks that admitted to it. Keep in mind that buddy punching isn’t only time theft; it’s also one of the types of time theft in which numerous employees break policy.

This practice not only costs your organization money but also erodes corporate culture as more employees become accustomed to disregarding rules. Biometric attendance methods, thankfully, remove buddy punching entirely because one individual cannot realistically imitate the biomarkers of another.

Best biometric systems available in South Africa

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