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A banknote counter, sometimes known as a bill counter, is a device used to count banknotes precisely. A banknote counter may also sort banknotes into batches and inspect them for deterioration or counterfeiting.

During counting, counterfeit detection assists the user in sorting out phony or counterfeit money. Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection are the three forms of detection available in bill counter equipment.

The requirement for manual sorting and counting was has been eliminated. Sorter machines can also sort notes by value and exclude counterfeit or severely damaged notes. These features may be found in note counting machines, some of which can detect a note’s security features (e.g. magnetic ink, UV ink, magnetic strip, note density, and so on) in order to detect counterfeit notes.

Ultrasafe are suppliers of banknote counters for sale in South Africa

Ultrasafe are suppliers of banknote counts in South Africa. We have been supplying security equipment to the South Africa market since 2003. We supply entry-level cash money counters, Ultraviolet note counters, mixed value cash counters. All our products are of the highest quality at affordable prices for the South African market.

NX730 UV Entry Level Note Counter

NX730 UV Entry Level Note Counter

NX870 UV Note Counter

NX870 UV Note Counter


EC1500 UV Mixed Value Note Counter

EC1500 UV Mixed Value Note Counter


Banknote counters work with magnetic detection

What is magnetic detection and how does it work?  To print banknotes with complicated magnetic patterns that aren’t visible to the human eye, central banks utilize ferromagnetic ink, which comes in a variety of hues. Metallic thread is also woven into banknotes by central banks in certain sizes and locations.

Ultrasafe banknote counter has a counterfeit detector to suit any budget or requirement, ranging from simple detectors that let you manually verify a single banknote feature (such as UV or magnetic marks) to advanced, automated multi-point detection technology. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on underneath the hood.

How much do South African business owners have to pay for counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is expected to cost South African firms billions in a year. Accepting counterfeit money is a serious hazard to any business. An active anti-counterfeit policy at the point of sale is the best defense.

Modern counting machines use a technology developed by Tokyo Calculating Machine Works. In 1981 computerized friction note counters were introduced in the form of the REI High-Speed machine, which sped up note counting to 72,000 notes per hour and eliminated the need for manual sorting and counting completely. This innovative Sorter machine could also sort notes according to their value and remove counterfeit or heavily damaged notes.[3] Many of these features are present in today’s note counting machines, some of which can detect a note’s security features (e.g. magnetic ink, ultraviolet ink, magnetic strip, note density, etc.) to identify counterfeit and damaged notes.

Banknote counters for sale In South Africa

Banknote counters are available in South Africa from Ultrasafe. Contact your nearest branch for more details or to place your order. Ultrasafe Germiston, Ultrasafe Randburg, or Ultrasafe Durban.

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