What are the advantages of a UV note detector? Paper currency has been the target of counterfeiters for as long as it has existed. In order to ensure the integrity of the payment process, a counterfeit currency must be spotted before it can be accepted. Once the consumer has left, there is no way to contact them to let them know they handed you a fake bill and to suggest that they return with genuine money.

Your losses will be greater than they would be if you had the ability to instantly identify and reject phony cash as it is delivered by the consumer, rather than simply requesting an alternate payment. There are numerous methods for spotting fake documents and currency, but which one is the most effective?

UV Counterfeit Note Detector

Paper authenticity can be tested with the use of a counterfeit detector pen, one of the most well-known products in the counterfeit detection market.. Cranes currency paper stock, used to print paper currency, is nothing like the usual printer paper you’d find at your local office supply store. Because it’s exclusively available to the federal government, it’s incredibly difficult to acquire this paper. Wood pulp paper processing chemicals react with the unique liquid composition in counterfeit detection pens. Counterfeit money printed on anything other than Cranes paper is susceptible to this chemical reaction, which results in the paper turning a dark brown or black color.

Fake notes that are scanned and produced on copy or typing paper using laser or inkjet printers can be reliably scanned and printed using a pen.

UV-detection currency counter

Many currency counters now come equipped with this capability as standard. Magnetic, UV, and magnetic thread detection can be used to identify counterfeit notes.

Is there any truth to the legend of the UV money detector?

When we say “UV Money Detector,” we simply mean “ultraviolet.” Because ultraviolet light falls outside the range of human vision, it cannot be seen by humans. The majority of UV light sources include a visible component to their light, letting consumers know when and where the light is on. UV radiation has the ability to “fluoresce” specific molecules and substances. An extremely rare physical phenomenon occurs when the fluorescent chemical changes the invisible light into a form that is visible to the human eye.

Security measures that illuminate under UV light are commonly incorporated into cash, money orders, and passports. When it comes to banknotes and traveler’s checks, the security feature may be in the shape of a number, an otherwise unseen picture, or even a stripe or pattern that isn’t visible in the regular spectrum of light.

It’s possible to see these security features in a way that isn’t possible under regular viewing settings by passing the document or coin under the UV detector. In other words, a prospective counterfeit may appear absolutely legitimate to the human eye, but a UV test will reveal that it is clearly false.

Don’t fall prey to scam artists that wish to take advantage of your trust in them. Stop counterfeit money from hurting your business and your customers. Explore our inventory to locate the best money detector for your needs and the advantages of a UV note detector.

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