Month: May 2021

Fingerprint systems

Fingerprint systems

The obvious advantage of fingerprint systems over more traditional or conventional identification systems, such as personal ID cards, magnetic cards, keys, or passwords, is that it is intrinsically tied to an individual person and hence cannot be readily hacked through theft, collusion, or loss. Most fingerprint systems are simple to use, which makes user management …

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Time and Attendance Systems Germiston South

Bell timers and Sirens for Business in South Africa

Bell timers and sirens for business. Business managers across South Africa can rely on the Ultrasafe SA team to significantly enhance and streamline their productivity and workforce management, thanks to over decades of firsthand and comprehensive industry experience. We provide the best time tracking and attendance monitoring items to our valued customers all over South …

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digital clock card machines

Digital Clock Card Machines

Digital clock card machines in Durban. Our Ultrasafe SA time card devices are configured according to your specifications (e.g. flex-time with core time). Thanks to their clever design, they are quickly ready to use on a wide range of applications, including workshops, warehouses, offices, and building sites. Employees may now record lunch breaks, brief breaks, …

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Biometric Readers Access Control

Biometric Readers Access Control

Biometric Readers Access Control Our biometric readers access control systems provide unobtrusive, customized protection for your house, facility, or campus. We use advanced biometric recognition scanners and door locks to identify fingerprints, irises, or faces, among other things, removing the need for access control cards and keypad codes. We assist you in deploying advanced security …

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