Month: Mar 2021

Fingerprint attendance system South Africa

Fingerprint Attendance System South Africa

Fingerprint attendance system South Africa fulfils multiple requirements within a single platform. The fingerprint attendance system streamlines and automates payrolls while eliminating any human error. Access to designated areas on your business premises is controlled and restricted with our biometric system in conjunction with facial and fingerprint recognition to either deny or allow access into …

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Biometric Finger Scanner

Biometric Finger Scanner

The biometric finger scanner is a next-generation biometric-based technology that offers a dependable, helpful and user-friendly way of verifying an individual’s identity through a biometric finger scanner. Fingerprint scanners are used for enrollment, verification and identification in various projects where the identity of people is required. Ultrasafe’s biometric fingerprint scanners offer superb accuracy, execution and …

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Face Reader

Face Reader

Face reader technology helps you eliminate time theft, this software uses advanced AI that ensures employees are clocking in and out of their shift by capturing a photograph of an employee and matching it to those already stored in their workforce profile. To gain accurate and reliable data about facial expressions, a face reader is …

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clock in work

Clock in Work System

Introducing a clock in work system to employees can be challenging. Managers might be afraid of a potentially negative response from employees, but there is no need for such anxiety. Most employees are accustomed to tracking their attendance in one way or another from their previous jobs. Ultrasafe has helped implement hundreds of time and …

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